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Watsh Rajneesh


7.5+ years of IT experience. Worked in NMS/EMS development with programming expertise in 'C', 'Java', and 'C++' and dynamic languages like PHP. I am proficient in the domain area of SNMP based Network Management Systems development and have worked on developing EMS/NMS systems and SNMP Agents using several of the renowned tools like HP Open View's NNM, Advent Net’s WebNMS/Agent Toolkit and Wind Net SNMP 9.1 (erstwhile Envoy SNMP Agent toolkit on RTOS VxWorks 5.4).

I am also proficient in Java Enterprise Edition web/desktop applicaiton development (and I am Sun Certified in Java Programming (SCJP 5.0), developing Web Services (SCDJWS 1.4), Web Component Development (SCWCD 1.4) and Business Component Development (SCBCD 1.3)). I also keep learning about the latest developments in the Java world and blog about my learnings at my blog site.

I have been a distinction marks scorer throughout in my academic career.

Software Skills

Programming Languages      

Compiled: Java (SE 5.0), C, C++.

Markup: HTML, XML

Interpreted: JavaScript, PHP, XSLT.

Modeling: ASN.1 MIB, UML, XML Schema

Operating Systems

RTOS VxWorks 5.4/.5,

Unices (HPUX 11, Linux 2.4.x, Solaris 2.8, SCO),

Mac OS 9.1/X (10.1.5),

Windows (98/NT/2000/XP/2003).

Technology Domains

Distributed Computing: J2EE Webservices (SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1, UDDI 2.04, WS-I BP 1.0, JAX-RPC 1.2, JAXP, JAXR, JAXB, Webservices Design patterns), CORBA 2.0+, RMI, BSD 4.4 Socket API. (over 5yrs in all - expert)

Network Management: SNMP (v1, v2c and v3) (over 5yrs - expert)

Java EE: Servlets, JSP, Struts, JSTL, EJB 2.1, Hibernate 2.x. (5yrs - intermediate/expert), J2EE Design Patterns, Webservices (JAXR, JAXB, JAX-RPC 1.1, JAXP 1.2, SAX 2, DOM 2, TrAX etc.), AJAX, DHTML etc.

Application Servers: JBoss 4.0.3+, Weblogic server 8.1, Sun AS 8.2

Web application framework: Struts 1.2.7

ORM frameworks: Hibernate 2.x

Unit Testing: Junit, Cactus

Others: XDoclet 1.2.3, Jmeter, Emma, AxisJ.

Others: WiFi (802.11b/g and 802.1x), CAN 2.0 B, IPv6, IPSec. (familiar only)

Tools + Libraries

SNMP – Advent Net WebNMS 2.3, Agent Toolkit 6.0, Agent Tester, Envoy Wind Manage SNMP 9.1/.4, HP Open View NNM 7, HP Web Jetadmin 7.5+, Net-SNMP 4.2.3 and later, MG Soft tools etc.

Webservices – AxisJ 1.2+, JAX-RPC 1.1, gSOAP.

Version Control – CVS 1.1, Clearcase 3.2, Subversion, VSS 6.0

IDE – MS Visual Studio 6/.NET 2003, Netbeans 3.0+, Code warrior pro 7, Tornado 2.2, Eclipse 3.1+, InteliJ IDEA 5.0+.

Modeling – XML Spy 5, Rational Rose 2000, Stylus Studio.

CORBA ORB – Visibroker for Java 4.1 and C++ 4.5, Sun JDK 1.3+ IDL, ACE TAO 1.5, Jac ORB 2.0 etc.

XML – XercesJ, JAXP 2.1, Xalan-J/Saxon.

RDBMS – Oracle 7.3-9i, Postgres SQL 4, mySQL 3.23

Security – Open SSL, 802.1x (EAP PEAP, TLS, TTLS and MD5 and LEAP), IPSec.

Certificates & Achievements

  1. Sun Certified Java Programmer for J2SE 5.0 (CX-310-055)– Passed with 90%.
  2. Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services (CX-310-220)– Passed with 88%.
  3. Sun Certified Web Component Developer (CX-310-081)– Passed with 82%.
  4. Sun Certified Business Component Developer (CX-310-090)– Passed with 85%.
  5. 91 percentile in Competence in Software Technology All-India level exam conducted by National Centre for Software Technology in 1999.
  6. Certified Advent Net WebNMS 2.3 Developer in 2001.
  7. Certified Internal Quality Auditor for ISO 9001:2000 at Velankani in 2001.


Trained in Advaced Java/J2EE programming, Linux Internals (Kernel Programming for Linux kernel 2.4.18), Embedded Systems programming, C/C++, RDBMS (Oracle 7.3, Developer 2000), .NET Platform, CORBA, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, ISO 9001:2000 Quality process.






Subject & Marks






National Center for Software Technology, Juhu, Mumbai (http://www.ncst.ernet.in)

PADS –    55.00%

COOS –   73.40%

DBMS –   65.70%

Network– 78.87%

OOPS –   71.00%

Overall –  68.50%


BE (Electronics)

Shivaji University

Kolhapur (http://www.kbpcoeps.org)

1st SEM.-66.33% 
2nd SEM.-66.37% 
3rd SEM.-68.00% 
4th SEM.-68.43% 
5th SEM.-70.27% 

6th SEM.-68.53% 
7th SEM.-63.60% 
8th SEM.-69.47% 
Overall -  67.62%



Bihar Intermediate Council, Patna

PCM – 76%

Overall – 76%



Bihar School Exam. Board, Patna

Overall – 83.7%



PGDST = Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology.

PADS = Programming algorithms and data structures

COOS = Computer Organization and Operating Systems

OOPS = Object-oriented Programming Systems

PCM = Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Note: If you want to verify my Sun certification status then you can mail me and I will have the details mailed to you from Sun Certification site (http://www.certmanager.net/sun/). 


Academic Achievements:

§         I topped at School level in Xth (SSC) Examination, in 4th through to 6th Semesters of BE and Network module of PGDST.

§         I have secured above distinction marks (overall) throughout my academic career.

§         Scored 90% in Sun Certified Java Programmer for J2SE 5.0 exam.

§         Scored 88% in Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 1.4 exam.

§         Scored 82% in Sun Certified Web Component Developer 1.4 exam.

§         Scored 85% in Sun Certified Business Component Developer 1.3 exam.


Professional experience

2007 Jan – Present

Proxilliant Systems Corp.


Maynard, MA, USA

Senior Software Engineer


Ø       Cable Access Management System (Jan 2007 – Present):

CAMS is an integrated software and hardware solution whose goal is to manage the HFC network and also to improve the upstream bandwidth by suppressing the ingress thereby ensuring high availability of VOIP and other advanced services.

Responsibilities: The work involves developing the web interface to managing the HFC plant by managing the dynamic ingress blocker devices spread in the HFC network. The other configuration channel is via SNMP and hence involved developing the SNMP agent. I had been instrumental in designing the web services interface to enable integration of Java on the business logic tier with PHP on the web tier thus establishing a new way to improve the way business logic was written for the product while still meeting all requirements as met by the existing trigger based approach.

Tools & Technologies used: Fedora Core 4 Linux, Java, JAX-WS 2.1, PHP 4.3.7, Apache 1.3.31, Tomcat 5.5.17, CVS 1.1, SNMP v1/v2c.


2005 Oct – 2007 Jan

Aditi Technologies Ltd.

Bangalore, India

Design Lead


Ø       Aditi Staffing Portal (Oct 2005 – Present):

Aditi staffing portal is aimed at web enabling the staffing activities, facilitating ease of access to staffing information, tracking the effort spent by staffing personnel, collecting metrics data for performance and maintianing an institutional memory of clients and applicants.

Responsibilities: Collecting requirements, suggesting new features which can be automated or data that can be tracked, tracking and documenting the features, design changes and issues and developing the solution using J2EE 1.4 technologies.

Tools & Technologies used: JBoss AS 4.0.3, Xdoclet 1.2.3, Struts 1.2, IntelliJ IDEA 5.0.2, CVS 1.1, Scarab, MySQL 5.0.



2003 Mar – 2005 Oct

Hewlett Packard GlobalSoft Ltd. 

Bangalore, India

Associate Systems Analyst


Ø       HP Jetdirect Firmware (May 2004 – Oct 2005):

HP Jetdirect (http://www.hp.com/go/jetdirect) is a network adapter device used to interface printers to networks (ethernet, token ring, wireless LAN). The firmware has drivers and application modules over the VxWorks 5.5 RTOS. The cross-development host is HP-UX 11 and  GNU gcc compiler toolchain is used for an ARM target. I maintained and enhanced the SNMP agent application module in the Jetdirect firmware.

Responsibilities: The work involved maintaining MIBs across varities of Jetdirect products, providing instrumentation for new features and fixing issues in the agent. Been involved in the initiative to implement IPv6 support at the SNMP agent. Incorporated MIB changes to the proprietary HPPrintServerMib to deprecate IP v4 specific OIDs with IP neutral OIDs. Corresponded with Wind River Systems to get the latest updates to MIB-II for TCP, UDP and IP groups implemented in the upcoming Wind Manage SNMP which have IP neutral tables augmentation to the respective groups. Also implemented an extension to the trap destination table at the agent to support FQDN of the trap destination host. This was done with backwards compatibility in mind by providing an additional table which was mapped to the original trap destination table using the destination host IP. I also worked on porting the Jetdirect’s implementation of SNMP agent to HP projector’s network module.

Tools & Technologies used: VxWorks 5.5 RTOS, HP-UX 11, GNU GCC toolchain for ARM, Wind Manage (erstwhile Envoy) SNMP 9.1/4, ClearCase 3.2, SNMP v1, v2c and v3.

Ø       HP Web JetAdmin Plugins (Mar 2003 – Oct 2005):

HP Web Jetadmin is a web-based print management solution available for free at http://www.hp.com/go/webjetadmin. It helps optimize device utilization, control color costs, and streamline supplies management by enabling remote configuration (over SNMP), monitoring, and troubleshooting of network printers and associated print infrastructure components.

Responsibilities: My role in the project used to be that of developer engineer for 1 year (Mar 03 to Mar 04) during the time the work was being transitioned for the first time to HP India. Since May 04 I transitioned to HP Jetdirect firmware development (mentioned above) and I lead the WJA related projects in HP India mentoring developers and interfacing with the end customers. Since May 2005, I have been involved in the tech lead activity for several WJA related plug-in work. Notable among them is the work we did for the HP Corvallis (and HP’s customer Abercrombie & Fitch, Ohio), which required WJA to forward consumable low alerts to a SOAP Webservice hosted on Weblogic 8.0. I was instrumental in designing and developing this proxy product (a.k.a. WJARC or Web Jetadmin Automated Replenishment for Consumable). Another work we did was for HP Roseville’s customer Ford Motor Company, to integrate Remedy ARS at Ford with Web Jetadmin alerts for printer error states. This sub-project was called Alert Conveyance plugin. Some other plugins were done for integrating HP WJA with HP OpenView product.

Tools & Technologies used: C/C++, HTS (Hyper Text Scripting language, HP Proprietary), DAO (Device Abstraction Object Language), JavaScript, J2EE (AxisJ 1.2, Weblogic 8.0), SNMP, Webservices, PML (Printer Management Language, HP Proprietary).

Accomplishments: I received 5 performance HP E-Awards during my tenure in the company for my work on the above mentioned projects.


2002 Sep – 2003 Mar

ADC Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore, India

Software Engineer


Ø         SNMP Proxy Agent for Digivance (2002 Sep – 2003 Mar):  

Digivance range of products are from ADC’s Wireless Business Unit. The Digivance system improves wireless networks by extending coverage from existing cell sites to hard-to-reach areas. LRCS (Long range coverage solution) is one of the products in the Digivance range. The SNMP proxy agent project was aimed at providing northbound SNMP manageability to Digivance range of products which were essentially non-IP devices. An EMS solution for Digivance used CAN (Contorller Area Network) protocol to manage the LRCS devices. The SNMP Proxy agent translates the CAN messages to SNMP PDUs and passes it to any North Bound managers.

Responsibilities: Designed and developed the SNMP proxy agent, starting with defining the proprietary MIB, mapping the SNMP traps to CAN reports, and packaged the product as an installable.

Tools & Technologies used: Advent Net Agent Toolkit (C Edition) 6.0, MS Visual Studio .NET 7.0, NSIS 2, Advent Net Agent Tester 1.0 beta. 


2002 Jan – 2002 Sep

Quark India Pvt. Ltd.

Mohali, India

Software Engineer (Quark XPress R&D)


Ø       Quark XPress 5.0 (2002 Jan – 2002 Sep):

Quark Xpress (http://www.quark.com/products/xpress/) is a leading page layout software. I worked on the maintenance and enhancement of Quark Xpress table feature and some other Xtensions development.

Responsibilities: Worked on the Tables Xtension for feature enhancements targeted for release of QuarkXPress 6.0. The work involved rotation and skewing of tables in a QuarkXPress document, Clipping paths for picture cells of table and supporting UNDO/REDO for features like converting a table to text and converting from a text box to a table box. Made an Xtension of QuarkXPress 5.0 for Hyphenation Exception Export/Import to a text file in CSV format.

Tools & Technologies used: MS Visual Studio 6.0, Codewarrior Pro 7, Mac OS X 10.1.5.


2000 Nov – 2002 Jan

Velankani Information Systems Ltd.

Bangalore, India

Telecom Software Engineer


Ø       Telecom Management Platform (2001 Aug – 2002 Jan):

This project was an initiative by Velankani to develop a NMS builder toolkit (in the likeness of AdventNet’s WebNMS) using technologies like SNMP/CORBA/XML/J2EE. The toolkit had features like autodiscovery of networked devices, fault management support, performance and configuration management.

Responsibilities: My role in the project was, at first, to develop a framework for the GUI of the client side and some GUI at the server side (for configuration purposes). The resultant framework uses XML data to build the GUI and that data is supposed to be provided by the System Integrators either statically by editing the respective GUIML files or dynamically from the code. Any change in the GUIML files reflects in the GUI automatically without requiring the System Integrators to write even a single line of code. The System Integrator will only need to provide the event listener codes. Technologies used are the J2EE (at the business logic layer) and XML (for messaging) together with Java Swing (for the GUI).

Tools & Technologies used: Java Swing, J2EE (Servlets/JSP), Oracle 8i, JBoss AS, SNMP.


Ø       Element Management System For Siemens Accession Device (2001 Mar – 2001 Jul):

The aim of the project was to implement the EMS server and the EMS client using the Advent Net's WebNMS2.3 and Management Builder toolkits for Siemens Communications Inc Accession (http://www.icn.siemens.com/carrier/products/bbaccess/accession.html) access nodes.

Responsibilities: My role in the project was to implement ADSL performance and configuration management interfaces in CORBA (using Java IDL ORB which was available with JDK1.3) for the North bound interface. The IDL interfaces were defined by the DSL forum's WT-046v4.0 for ADSL configuration and performance management. The work involved writing a CORBA-SNMP Gateway server at the level of the EMS server, which translated a northbound CORBA method invocation to the corresponding SNMP get/set request. The MIBs used for this purpose were the Entity MIB [RFC 2737], the ifMIB [RFC 2233] and the ADSL-Line-MIB [RFC 2662].

Tools & Technologies used: CORBA, Java 1.3 IDL ORB, Advent Net WebNMS 2.3.


Ø       EMS for Eulix DeltaX Device (2000 Nov – 2001 Mar):

The aim of the project was to implement the client side of the EMS for Eulix’s (a spin-off of NEC Inc, http://www.necus.com/companies/8/eulixnetworks.htm) DeltaX devices, which are the gateways for VPNs. The server end was existing with a North bound CORBA interface. The server end CORBA interface used the TAO ACE ORB with servants written in C++ whereas the client was a Java Swing GUI using Visibroker for Java ORB 4.1.

Responsibilities: My role in this project was to develop the CORBA client layer for the EMS client using Visibroker for Java.

Tools & Technologies used: CORBA, Visibroker for Java ORB 4.1, JLoox  GUI library.


1999 Nov – 2000 Nov

Software Exports (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, India

Software Engineer


Ø       Network Fault Manager (NFM) for Lucent (1999 Nov – 2000 Oct):

SNMP Feature Package was a Network Management system for Lucent devices, that allowed network managers to manage SNMP devices through CGI-based Web-interfaces. It used CORBA ORB as middleware, thus, making it inherently distributed, platform independent and language independent. CosNotification service was used for event notification of SNMP traps. The various Client applications for network management were: NetSim – a network topology and network drawing graphical interface that displays a particular network. Features like zooming and panning are available which allows a manager to view a particular network at any given level. From each node, the Alarms Page, Messages Page, MIB Browser can be invoked. MibBroswer - allows a manager to perform SNMP Get/Set/Walk on SNMP variable(s) for a particular network device. Alarms Page - displays alarms on a WUI display as they are being forwarded through a notification channel by a Resolver object in real-time. The fields (for e.g.: Perceived Severity, Probable Cause, Notification ID) displayed in the Alarms Page are compliant to the X.733 specification for Telecom Management

Responsibilities: Porting NFMTrapd and NFMBrowserd from Linux to Windows, wrote Java/CORBA for Resolver which resolved an incoming SNMP trap pdu and published the event on the CosNotification channel, wrote an installer creator tool in Java. As a subproject to this project, I was involved in upgrading the SNMP stack to use the then latest version of UCD SNMP 4.1.1, and porting of NFM daemons from the use of UCD SNMP to HP Open View stack (NNM 6.0).

Tools & Technologies used: UCD SNMP 4.x, Cygwin B-20, HP OV NNM 6.0, SNMP v1/2c, CORBA, Visibroker for Java 4.x, Perl, RH Linux 7.2.


Academic Projects

The following projects were done as a part of NCST (National Center for Software Technology)’s PGDST curriculum:

Post Graduate Diploma In Software Technology (1998 Nov – 1999 Oct):

§         Sales order management system: This project was done in ORACLE 7.3 & DEVELOPER 2000 (FORMS 4.5 & REPORTS 2.5) and was of the medium complexity. The forms include: client master, product master, salesman master, manager master, employee master, sales order data entry, challan data entry, invoice, etc. The reports include: product-wise sale report, sales-order, month-wise sales report, challan-details report, etc.

§         Computer Network Simulator: This pr oject was done in C language on a SCO UNIX platform, and deals with "flow-control using serial nos. and acknowledgements" at Data link layer level. The simulation of speed mismatch was done by allowing receiving routine at both ends (assuming only two hosts on a point-to-point link) ignore their input with a probability of 10%. Use of 1-bit sliding window protocol, using GO-BACK-N error recovery is implemented, along with ACKs, NAKs, TIME-OUTs, PACKET-DISCARD, SEQ-NOs, RETRANSMISSIONs, etc.

§         Relational Database Management System: This project was done using the OOPS concept and implemented using C++ on SCO UNIX. A product which was called PHOENIX was developed which can generate relations, is persistent, can parse the user inputs for lexical correctness of SQL statements entered at "SQL>" prompt, and supports security features like grant/revoke to/from user by either another user or a DBA. SQL statements supported include, creation of database, creation of user, creation of table, insertion / updation / deletion of records from table, grant / revoke, dropping of table, selecting from table, etc.

§         File System Simulation: This project is done in C language on a Red-Hat Linux 6.0 Platform. A file system was simulated using a big flat file on the OS provided file system. The basic file system structures supported are, the SuperBlock structure carrying the information of the whole file system, the Inode structure which carries information of each individual file, Directory Entry structure which is particularly meant for the directory files, and the DataBlock structure which carries the data space where the information is written and a pointer to the next data block allocated for that file, thus, a file in our system can grow to the maximum disk space (which can be configured ) . At the command prompt of the simulator, the user can perform: creation of file specifying the path and the mode of operation, make a directory, open an existing file, write into a file, display the contents of file, change to a certain directory in the file system, change mode and change owner, list the contents of a directory, move the contents from source file to destination file, copying files etc.


Open Source Projects

The following projects were contributions to open source:

§         Mibble Browser: An SNMP MIB Browser. Available at http://www.mibble.org . The application uses Mibble parser library and Westhawk SNMP library to provide a UI for browsing ASN.1 MIB files and performing snmp operations. The application is bundled with the Mibble distribution.

§         Home Automation System: A home automation system was developed to switch ON/OFF the home appliances using the Internet. A home control server running Apache Tomcat housed the servlets, which provided the web interface to the user. After a successful login to the control server the user is shown the control panel HTML page where he can check or uncheck the checkboxes corresponding to each devices. Based on the data provided by the user the Controller servlet calculated the binary data to write on the serial port. The javax.comm package was used to write on the serial port where a simple hardware with a serial-to-parallel converter switches the relays, which in turn switch the states of the home appliance.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 3rd of April, 1976.

Marital Status: Married.

Place: Bangalore.